Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Manifesto for a New Generation

Welcome to the blank-slate of the new, different Magic Bullet.

Inspired by the wonderful journal kept by Chris Randall, this time 'round I'm going to try to keep things entertaining, but geared more towards the creative aspects of my life. As things go on, I'd like to see this space develop in a two distinct ways:

  • A greater emphasis on my hobbies - featuring more in-depth rants on the creative parts of my life than I can fit within the tables of my portfolio.

  • Enjoyable meanderings on my interests - expect rants regarding what I enjoy, including what I'd be reading at the time, what films I've recently enjoyed and what albums have my ears bleeding.
For those of you who ever frequented this space in the past, this should be a drastic change from what you're used to. None of this space will feature discouraging tales of 'woe-is-me' life, and all of it should feature only the best of the best - if not the most entertaining of the worst.

One of the trickle-down benefits of the re-develop, I hope, will be that my portfolio will not only get more exposure, but maybe what I can't fit over there... I can over here. I think I'll probably kick this place off with an in-depth explanation of my latest little effort, a Speak and Spell outfitted with a MIDISpeak kit from Highly Liquid. I'm very pleased with the end result and would like to spend an entry or two reviewing the 'kit, as well as explaining what I had done and what I plan to do with it now.

Bring out the disco ball, turn on the pin-light, crack open some cheap beer... it's going to be much more fun in here.

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